Dear Parents,
Just as children were important to Jesus, children are central to the ministry of Peachtree Christian Church. As a congregation we care about quality childcare and quality learning experiences for very young children. We want to support the working family in every way possible.

The years from birth to age five are critical formative years. From the caring, responsive adults surrounding them, children learn that their needs and wants are important and that God loves them unconditionally. They thrive in a truly child-centered, Christian environment; they feel safe and supported as they learn to bond and build trust.

This is why we keep our teacher/child ratios so low. From 1:3 in the infant classes, 1:4 in the toddlers, to 1:5 in preschool, we staff to make sure that children receive all the individual attention they need. We use the primary care model so that teachers get to know children and their interests. We encourage teachers to move up with their children providing continuity of care from one age to the next.

We are committed to the standards provided by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and their guidelines for developmentally appropriate, best practice. We are advocates for children and for childhood. Indeed, children are important here at Peachtree Childtown and at Peachtree Christian Church.

Here for the children,
Frankey Jones, Director


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